When buying rare and out of print DVDs online, you should take precautions. If the "company" is selling these DVDs for under $15, chances are it will be a counterfeit. And there are many "companies" on the internet that are doing this. Many will take your money and run, or if you have a complaint as to quality or not getting what you paid for (such as a DVD that won't play correctly), you will be ignored. Our intent is to help you steer clear of these websites. Here you will find a list of the worst of them. Keep in mind that many change their names often, so we'll do our best to keep this page updated.

One of the worst is a site out of Louisville, KY that goes by the names www.alamodvd.com and MayanCastleDvd.net. They mostly sell the 1946 Disney classic Song of the South, although they do carry other rare titles. There are numerous complaints on the internet about this "company." One example:


Another site is called classicmoviereel.com  Numerous complaints about counterfeit dvd, credit card fraud, and non-refunds when the discs are bad.

www.dvddiscount.net is another site you should be aware of. Again, counterfeit DVDs and many complaints of faulty discs and no response when you complain.

Here are several more site similar to the above-mentioned:


www.songofthesouth.org also going by the name www.songofthesouth.us

www.pandorasvideo.com This site will just sell you a movie burned onto a DVD-R. The case and cover costs extra.

www.raredvds.biz Like Pandora's Video above, this site will only sell you a burned DVD-R with the title scrawled on the label. You'll pay extra for a case and cover.




You should also be aware that any DVD you buy from ioffer.com will be a burned DVD-R, usually without case or cover art.